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Granville Island - Vancouver, BC

At the soc.motss con that took place in Vancouver on July 21- 25, one of the main activities was having fabulous meals. This was the 18th such con and was lots of fun; we've been to the last 15!. By my count, there were 30 1/3 people who attended various events (never all at one event) plus an uncounted number of some of Stephanie's local friends who came to the BBQ at her place.

Between meals we hung around at the hotel or went to nice places. Vancouver is a very nice city to visit. Granville Island was the Saturday morning selection. From the downtown section where we were staying it was a short walk to the tiny boats which ferry you to the island which is connected to the rest of Vancouver and isn't really an island. rsc has the book, 1000 Places to See Before You Die, and Granville Island is one of the two places selected for Vancouver, so I was happy that this was one of the places chosen by our host.

Granville Island has some nice restaurants, art galleries, gift shops, a really nice market, lots of people visiting, and a Cement Factory! Corry took us to a Gallery that she has been involved with, we stopped in a place with really nice blown glass, ogled lots of food in the market (see below), and ate lunch (did I say we did lots of eating?). Several of us had Poor Boy fried oyster sandwiches for lunch to keep up with the pacific oyster theme.

Click for some pictures

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Mouthwatering pics, even of the pigs' ears.

Those spiky things in the '???' pics could be lychees.

The raspberries I got were fabulous. :)

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, it's been a while since I've tried keeping up with soc.motss too.

A little while ago, I stumbled across (and finally trashed) my remaining notes from co-ordinating the 1991 Toronto motss.con, but it was enough to make me go looking through the albums for the photos from that event. I should try looking up a few of the people I met then...

What, you've never seen lychees/rambutan/Chinese plums/mamon chino before? ;)

Seeing those fruits and berries, especially the cherries … I mean, wow, I wish we could get produce like that here!

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