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ho hum, another anniversary...

Tonight, rsc and I went to dinner at Duckworths, a new Gloucester restaurant in an old place that has had other good restaurants. This was to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary. It was a week late, but that is par for the course for our celebratory dinners.

I had Seared Sea Scallops in Duck Confit - a bit weird but quite good; for the second course had Sea Bass with artichokes and zucchini in a tomato provencale sauce. Robert had Oysters with a spicy vinegar sauce and Muscovy Duck breast with peaches and other stuff.

I had a glass of Russian River J, Pinot Gris and Robert had the Chateau St. Michelle Washington Sauvignon Blanc for our appetizers and I had the Sauvignon Blanc and he had the Paso Robles Zinfandel for the second course.

Duckworths sells wine by the 3 or 6 oz glass, and not being sots we went for the 3s. They also serve main courses in appetizer size portions which is what we ordered leaving lots of room for desert.

We split the chocolate, chocolate, chocolate mousse cake and a peach cobbler with cinnamon ice cream for desert.

Yum, yum, yum. Everything was good.

I did ask if he wanted to renew for another year. He replied that he didn't know we had options. I guess since we were a week late, they'd already automatically been extended. Sounds good to me.

And next month we get to celebrate our 32nd anniversary! On that night it will not be a fancy meal since it will be at Fenway Park.

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Huh. I never knew marriage was so much like a car insurance policy.


I'm humor-impaired and you're just kidding around, right?

It's over 30. I am sure the indicators in the palms of their hands have gone from beyond blinking red to absolute apeshit epileptic beaming in rainbow colors. You bet it is time for Caroussel.

Now cut that out! *suppressing chuckle*

Oh. And congrats to #1 and #32. :)

In one of the varieties of Wicca, one is handfasted for a year and a day. On the anniversary of your handfasting, you can choose to renew your pledge to each other or not. If so, you are together for another year and a day. If not, one member of the couple spends the next day moving his/her stuff out of the house. Saves on divorce procedings, I'm sure.

Congratulations on one year and thirty-two years.

Mazel tov!

I think after 31+ years you've gotten a sort of "tenancy at will" that's self renewing, even if you just signed the lease last year. Congratulations!

These anniversaries must get so boring. Thank god for the food.

The food is kind of the point.

Actually, we've tended to forget about the September anniversary, which often coincides with Dance Camp anyway.

When instead it is obvious that what would be in order when the two co-incide is a public re-enactment.

You celebrate your way, we celebrate ours.

Congratulations on your anniversaries!
(1 and 10, base 31, right? :-)

And dinner sounds lovely.

And next month we get to celebrate our 32nd anniversary! On that night it will not be a fancy meal since it will be at Fenway Park.

There's something to be said about sharing a hot dog and a beer with the fella you love. Conrats, you two!

Muscovy Duck breast with peaches and other stuff.

The "other stuff" was couscous under some kind of greens. Quite delish.

I remembered after reading this that our wedding dinner also featured duck with peaches (at Salts in Cambridge, as mentioned here. I guess that's not so surprising, given that we both love duck. restaurants usually use fruit in preparing it, and this is the height of the peach season.

congrats on the 1 and the 32! i lift a kosher hot dog in your general direction.

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