JWG (jwg) wrote,

a semi-camping Camping Trip in Vermont

Every labor day weekend for the past many years a bunch of us have been camping out in a state park in Vermont or Maine. This time we were invited to stay at the farm of some musician friends in Vermont. rsc and I as well as some others tented, but Spike and Corey stayed in their house (which was needed to power Corey's new CPAP machine). Our hosts live at the end of a gravel road and are trying to be somewhat self sufficient, growing food, using a huge array of solar panels to supply electricity to themselves and the grid.

In prior weekends most days were something like - split wood, build fire, cook breakfast, eat breakfast, cleanup, sit around chatting, eating lunch, deciding what to do in the afternoon (hanging out, canoeing, hiking, antiquing), doing it, and then repeat the breakfast thing for dinner. By the time the Peach Cobbler was ready it was close to midnight.

This time it was a lot easier with a gas stove, refrigerator, hot water from a tap, etc. so we had more time to do other stuff. As usual we brought too much food and what was brought was supplemented with their garden produce.

some puppetsWe did a lot of hanging out, enjoying the outdoors with short walks, and visits to the garden, attempts to converse with the chickens, and visits to the apple trees. One evening we watched the video End of Suburbia which is about the impact of oil shortages in general and particularly on american suburban life. On Sunday night some of their friends joined us for dinner.

We took short trips to the Vermont Corn Maize and the Bread and Puppet Theater Museum. This museum is pretty incredible. Over thirty years of puppets built for various shows are crowded into an old barn in little scenes. It is very dense and quite a trip; it would take days to take in all the details.

Click for some pictures of the "camping trip"
Click for pictures of the Bread and Puppet Museum

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