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Let's see

As some people know, who washes dishes in our household is the source of considerable amusement.

To make assignments fair such that responsibility assignment is clear and equitable, I have posted schedules such as:
Nov - April: John
May - October: Robert

Some people think this isn't fair since this schedule only applies to our unheated house in Gloucester, so other methods have to be used.

The breakfast convention is that he who gets up first makes breakfast and the other one does the dishes. This morning I was second and at the end of breakfast while shuffling newspaper sections, I merely said: Let's see... while trying to think of a reason to change the rule for the day. rsc immediately replied: No!

This is what happens after 31 years.

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Please tell me that it didn't take 31 years for him to be alarmed when you get that look in your eye and say Let's see...

Well, we've been having conversations of this sort for a long time. But I hasten to add that I wasn't "alarmed", and in fact said "no" quite calmly and firmly, without so much as glancing up from the newspaper.

Our rule is quite simple:

1) He who cooks the meal washes the dishes, except when:
2) I decide that I should do it as HWMBO works all day, which is almost always and I cook, which is almost always.

I try to wash as I cook, which complicates cooking but simplifies washing up.

I'd like a dishwasher like our chum Mark's across the street but sadly there is no room for one in our huge kitchen.

Our rule used to be simple: He who cooks doesn't wash. But then there were all sorts of additions, exceptions and qualifications.

Instead, I just leave it all to photoglh.

Our rule used to be that he who doesn't cook has to do the dishes.
Then like a year or so-ish ago when slinkr offered us a dishwasher and BB declined "because [he'd] rather do all the dishes [him]self," I decided that meant he's doing all the dishes himself. Works well for me.

trulygrateful and I only have 21 years to go to catch up to you two. I guess we never will! ;-)

Wash the dishes? Isn't that something the household staff is supposed to take care of? (g)

you two are so cute!

in-person hugs this weekend, i think?!?

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