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hmm, what happened to photography?

  1. architecture:
    structure and art combined to make a place to live, work, visit, see; interact with other people; applicable in the small with furniture...; contemplated it as a career, was married to an architect
  2. baseball:
    this addiction game is really fascinating when you get into it - watching, rooting, reading about, contemplating the many differences from other sports, joy and frustration (like many relationships) - but not playing it which I used to hate
  3. contra dancing:
    group motion, exercise, eye contact and flirting, no lessons needed, lively music, community spirit, no need to worry about where your feet are, English country dancing too
  4. gardening:
    I like the process of doing it, the magic of a little seed turning into a beautiful plant, seeing what is up, sanctioned playing in the dirt, the beauty, fresh food, even repetitive & boring tasks like weeding are ok
  5. libraries:
    support of life long learning and recreation, means for people to learn new things, a mechanism for sharing books, cds etc. without cost and home storage, interesting buildings full of people from all walks of life, participating in political and technical aspects of library design
  6. local politics:
    I know most of the Cambridge city councillors and school committee members and many management personel in the city, have been on committees, testified at meetings, like following the antics and progress (or lack thereof) of these elected bodies and city departments (but it's sometimes like watching a bad play with bad actors), helped people get elected, was treasurer and board member of a pseudo-political party
  7. Multics:
    I worked on this as a software developer and manager for 20 years with great people, creating the state-of-the-art, seeing through the evolution (with intelligent design) from a research project to a product, the political battles of a non-mainstream product in a large company
  8. music:
    I like many types (renaissance, classical - especially piano concertos and piano solo, jazz, folk, celtic inspired, contradance and english country dance tunes, opera); played the piano as a kid and hack at it once in a while, tried various folk instruments, built my own harpsichord, performed in an early music group (The Quadrivium - now defunct) for about 10 years, going to concerts
  9. opera:
    an amazing mix of drama, great music, corny plots, divas, fine orchestras and singers, excited audiences, and then there is Florence Foster Jenkins and Anna Russell...
  10. voting:
    voting systems that give people a better choice than the winner take all (e.g. Instant runoff and proportional representation), fairness, thinking about how to get more people to participate, the impact of technology

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