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Fall's here

It was down to 47 something last night. We had a fire in fireplace for the first time since May and used the space heater in the kitchen for breakfast yesterday and today. I had to add an extra blanket in the middle of the night - it is almost time for the quilt.

The garden is on its last legs, no leaves have turned yet, but the season is really winding down.

Too much house maintenance and yard work still remains to be done to finish it all. And since I decided to attack the garage which hadn't been painted for at least 30 years with lots of repairing to be done (some by professions such as the roof) I have found a great time sink.

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Mmmm... I'm envious summer is ending so soon for you.

I think fall is my favourite time of year. We finally ditch the sauna of summer and --since there's no such thing as winter in DC-- we have 4-5 months of delightfully cool weather before the leaves come back in the spring.

I'm looking forward to watching the leaves change colour at the campground through the next several weekends before we close the trailer at the end of October.

I love fall too, but there is that matter of the unheated house. We just bought a new mattress for the Gloucester house today, and they said it usually took 2-3 weeks to be delivered, and we were thinking "Hmm, will we still be living here 2-3 weeks from now?" The answer is yes, but only just.

Of course our summers our mostly more pleasant than yours.

If Greg (photoglh) hears you he'll start in again about the weather here vs the weather there. He forgets what follows the Autumn up there.

Greg Havican! Now there's a motss veteran. Added.

Winter is y-commin in,
Loudly sing, "goddamn!"

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