JWG (jwg) wrote,

Why it is a good idea to read a recipe (sort of)

In rsc's posting he mentioned that I made corn muffins (between inning breaks so this involved running in and out of the kitchen).

I was about to mix and add the liquids to the dry stuff when he suggested that I look at the recipe (from Adele Davis' Let's Cook it Right). And that was a good thing because it said 2 cups of corn meal when I had used only 1. And also I noticed it said 2 tbsp. of oil and my memory had said 4. Fortunately I hadn't taken that step yet.

So I completed the batter and spooned it into the well greased cast iron muffin pan that for reasons of geometry makes 11 muffins - a new definition of a baker's dozen. I plunked them in the oven which I'd set to 350º and set the timer for 15 minutes.

woodpecker toothpick dispenserWhen the timer binged I grabbed a toothpick from the woodpecker (not as elegant as this one). They weren't done. Another quick check at the recipe revealed that the oven was supposed to be set at 425º. So I boosted the setting and waited about 5 minutes and tested them again and they were ready.

I think they were better this way - they didn't stick to the pan at all and they seemed a bit moister. I'll remember it this way - maybe.

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