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a different view

rsc, jw, and I in 1978 at the annual Multics Picnic. I forgot that my beard had already started greying then.

it's down the page apparently you can't show the image directly.

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I forgot that my beard had already started greying then.

Long before my hair started to.

eeep! i don't think i realized your hair was that color. it makes you look very different.

or it could just be that jwg has all these userpics of him as a younger person, whereas i've only ever seen you in incarnations as you are now.

Well, yes. But brunettes always go gray sooner, and it's much more noticeable. I've always thought you both very handsome men, but even then, at 8 years old, I would have thought you impossibly dreamy... especially you with your golden curls and strawberry blond beard. Sigh....

It's funny. I find John far more recognizable than you. Maybe it's just the angle.

BTW, the gown you made for CS at the Harvest Ball was gorgeous. It was almost like you were actually there.

says he dreamily....

Oh! Thank you. C&C picked it up Saturday afternoon, and we had a final fitting. It seemed to fit, but I wasn't sure how practical it would be.

As for being there, one big bear in acres of metalic taffeta is as good as any other!

one big bear in acres of metalic taffeta is as good as any other!

But more is better! We missed you.

But brunettes always go gray sooner

I don't know about that, although there was a considerable period when John and I presented a contrast in that I had white hair and a red beard, whereas he had brown hair and a white beard. But mostly I was being snarky about the fact that he is, um, somewhat older than I am.

I find John far more recognizable than you.

If I didn't know better I probably wouldn't recognize either of us.

But I think you can...

*happy sigh* A lovely picture, even though (or because?) everyone is looking somewhere else.

I, as usual, am concentrating on the really important stuff. I don't know what John and Jerry are looking at, but apparently whatever it is is entertaining.

But I think you can...

Yes, jwg thought you could too, but no image actually shows up on other people's Friends pages, at least not on mine.

Re: But I think you can...

Oh. It does now. John says thvv fixed something. I don't pretend to understand this stuff.

Look how cute that is. If I don't do the math, 1978 really does not seem like that long ago. When I do the math, I have to do it twice because I cannot believe it was that many years ago!

I had to implement image use protection a while back;
people were incorporating pictures from my sites into
their pages and my bandwidth costs were rocketing.
So when you tried to use that picture it just refused.
Sorry.. I fixed it so John's page can use the picture.

The person in the middle is Jerry Whitmore. Anybody
hear from him?

That was... definitely the 70's.

And you should know.

The 70's were a time of unfortunate fashion choices, some of which leaked into the 80's, which I actually was around for, and while I don't remember them so well, there are photographs. Of me. Oh God, those shorts.

That brown tank top, I wear it now.

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