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Spring has arrived??

catalog coverToday in the mail we got our first seed catalog. This is the earliest we've ever gotten a catalog. It was from Pinetree Gardens, one of the places from whom we order seeds. Unlike Burpees and some of the other ones this is not a glamorous catalog with lots of glossy pictures. They do have good stuff and their prices are a bit lower, not that we buy that many things. This cover on their web site is for the 2005 catalog; we got the 2006 version.

It is true that the grow light is on so we could plant seeds now, but then what would we do with them? The grow light is on for the Rosemary plant that we dug up because it isn't a hardy perennial and doesn't winter over successfully; and this way we do get fresh Rosemary. Strangely enough when we have kept Rosemary in the ground and mulched it well, in early spring it seemed to be fine with a bit of new growth and then it would die. A couple of years there was survival.

Also under the grow light are a couple of Swedish ivys and a spider plant. These are descendants of plants that I got in 1966 when I moved into this house! Christopher, our long deceased cat, used to like to eat spider plants - and then spit them up of course, so placing them was a challenge.

Writing this post reminds me that we have a few dead grow light bulbs in the corner of the laundry room awaiting a trip to the DPW recyling center.

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When we lived in Tuscany, we had a rosemary bush in our yard that was bigger than most dining room tables for 12. Funny thing was that rosemary was my mum's least favourite herb, so she never used it.

Yeah, this happens in places without frost. I remember visiting a friend who had recently moved into a new house (new to him, I mean) in Oakland, CA, and I was admriing the thriving rosemary shrub in his backyard. I think that he also said that he didn't much care for it.

Rosemary and pepper (with extra virgin olive oil) on roasted potatoes is to die for!

You get them in Texas as well. I have one here at the house the size of a 55 gallon drum.

Deer and rabbits don't eat them, so they are very popular here.

Oddly, the new catalog says "2006-2007" on the cover. Say what? Surely they're not intending to forgo publishing one next winter?

Last winter was the first year I had any luck overwintering rosemary (which, since I have only a porch, was already in a pot). It's been growing steadily but slowly. The lavender (the kind with ridged leaves; I never remember whether that's French lavender or something else), on the other hand, has grown enormously since I brought it in a few weeks ago, with lots of buds. It's a shrub, trying to take over my kitchen.

You have me wishing I had real garden space, rather than just pots.

If you want some lavender, let me know...

Ah, friendslist crosspollination. From another LJ entry today: http://www.indiana.edu/~gasser/L503/ideas.html

Robert Kitty was fond of eating plants and the regurgitating them. I gave all mine away rather quickly since I decided the cat was more fun than the plants. I haven't kept indoor plants since and I don't think I will.

I *love* getting seed catalogs. I dream of being retired and just playing in the yard all day.

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