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a good massage therapist wanted

Does anyone know of a good massage therapist, preferably in Cambridge?

My right trapezius is in definite need of some work. At my general checkup yesterday the doc recommended that form of therapy. He did order some neck xrays because I am slightly suspicious that there might be a bit of vertibrae / nerve interaction; his testing didn't think so. I'll probably hear about that soon.

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My massage therapist, Judy, is very good. She is based out of Weymouth, but she is often in the Davis Square area and might be willing to make a house call. (She came to my home once when I needed work and couldn't get down to the South Shore.) Her business number (Integrated Massage) is 617-584-7696. I know she'll be in this neck of the woods Saturday to come see Merry Wives, so maybe y'all could work something out then. Anyway, if you do end up calling her, let her know I referred you. And good luck with your shoulder.

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