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An aerial view

arial shot of 9 west stWhile looking at the assessors database of the VFW dance hall I noticed that they now have aerial photos as well. So I looked at our house's entry and there is was. This is several years old judging by the construction next door visible at the top right of this image. In the back yard, I can see Robert's copper Saturn and can't tell if the car behind it is my 2004 or 1992 Subaru; they are so similar it is hard to tell which it is - I got the new one in Feb 2004 and I suspect the picture was taken during that winter; it can't be 2005 since the building was open then. I just found out that the aerial photos were taken in 2003 so it is the old car.

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I find it a wee bit scary the amount of imagery publically available...though I often use it myself for various reasons.

Is the assessor's database accessible online? It looks considerably higher resolution than the usual suspects (google maps, google earth, nasa), but perhaps I'm misremembering.

I think they hired a local service to take the aerial photos. The assessor's database also contains a photo of each property. The GIS interface has plot plans and aerial photos.

It is reached from the home page of the Cambridge City web site. They have a pretty nice user interface to it.

Actually look at the GIS interface which has the aerial photo of the whole city.

Yeah, I took a look a bit. Boston has something similar, only without any satellite/aircraft imagery. You can see, for example, that their maps don't reflect any of the last two years of construction around here. (Somehow I don't think their tax collection is quite so far behind.)

I can see your hoo-hoo.

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