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Newly banned plants in Mass

I just read that starting on Jan 1 a number of plant species cannot be sold in Massachusetts because they are invasive species. Fortunately they have no first amendment rights so they can be banned. However, it's much too late as far as we are concerned since many of them have already invaded.

Included on this list are Norway Maples - we have four of them in our small yard in Cambridge that are now quite large. They grew as weed trees, I let these grow. The good thing is that when my Ash trees died from some disease they were there to replace them. One of the properties of Norway Maples is that the leaves don't finish dropping until late in December which is why my gutters still have too much junk in them.

Then for Gloucester there is:
knapweed, which is taking over a spot of our front meadow,
Oriental bittersweet that is busy winding itself around trees with a constant need to cut them - since they spread underground via the root system and via seeds they are everywhere,
various kinds of woody honeysuckle - it flowers for a short time, but mostly supplies greenery; these aren't too hard to remove since the roots are not deep.
Also I see on the list multi-flora roses, the tansy that isn't the same as our invading tansy, and wild blackberry; oddly I didn't notice any sheep sorrel but it stays small and doesn't seem to crowd out stuff - much.

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What? No more purple loosestrife? I can't believe it was ever legally sold in Massachusetts, but I'm glad it's finally illegal. It's one of the more beautiful killers out there!

Yeah, a lot of these look like 'closing the barn door after the horses bolt' - I mean, Ailanthus? Is there anywhere in the continental US it DOESN'T already grow?

I wasnt sure what Ailanthus was, and I just found this cool site with info about how it has spread throughout MA over the years.


No blackberries? Damn, I was really hoping to plant some once Mosaic is built :(

Well, it says "wild blackberry". I expect the cultivated blackberries that the nurseries sell are OK.

That is wonderful progress that the worst plants are proscribed now.

Last year I considered a job posting based in St. Louis that was getting Home Depot and Lowe's to stop selling such plants.

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