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planning for a spring trip to France

rsc and I have decide to go to France for about 10 days in April/May. I have been doing research via the net and library. I'm psyched and ready to go now but it will have to wait until the spring.

As it currently stands we are going to the Loire valley first (via TGV from CDG when we arrive) and pickup a car there. We'll probably stay in Blois for 2-3 nights and go to its magnificent chateau as well as Chenonceau, Chambord and a couple of others. It's a bit too early to work out all details as to how many days we'll stay where but we've got a pretty good idea. We are skipping visiting Paris this time sad to say, but it'll give us more time to be elsewhere.

Then it is off to Conques (on left) Conques, my favorite village in south central France - this will be my 4th trip there. It's a hillside down with a magnificent 11th century Romanesque church that was an important pilgrimage waypoint.

Conques is in the department of Aveyron, to its west is Lot, and then Dordogne. We intend upon going to Rocamadour (on right) Rocamadour, St-Cirq la Popie, Cahors, at least one cave of which there are many possiblities. It is out of truffles season so we won't hitch up some pigs and go hunting them. After this we will fly back home via Toulouse which isn't too far from Cahors.

I went upstairs to my cache of old nostalgic stuff and found my journal from the 1972 trip and read some of it to Robert while he was cooking dinner. This trip was one year after my divorce and one year before we were a couple but that's another story. I'll be posting some of the journal one of these days (not backdating it). I should slog through my slide collection to find some of the slides. I have an undone project to scan the best slides but that is hard - first of all you have to choose which ones and secondly my slide scanner is kind of slow and only takes 6 at a time. I suppose a simplification of the project is to get a faster scanner and scan them all, but then....

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I'll be posting some of the journal one of these days (not backdating it).

I don't think you can backdate any entry to a date before you first signed up for LJ.

The trip sounds very nice!

There's also the fact that if he backdates the entries the chances are that nobody will see them.

(Deleted comment)
We'll be at dance camp; I haven't missed one since we started going in 1997 although Robert missed one because he was sick.

The length of time of the trip is constrained by NEFFA at the beginning (assuming we are doing a food booth again) and by Boston Lyric Opera tickets to Thais at the end. Plus it is starting the garden season.

this will be my 4th trip [to Conques].

And since the first two were before my time, I've only been there once, and that was in mid-November, with not very good weather. I'm looking forward to seeing it again. And I've never been to any of the other places we're going (well, Charles de Gaulle airport, but that doesn't count).

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