JWG (jwg) wrote,

September 22, 1972

From my journal from a European trip with Carol & Ruth, sisters and two friends of mine
9/22 Amsterdam Sunny & warm. Cerien with a rolling R from here, Curacao, Surinam --likes Boston for visit. Got us to student hotel (COK) lively, not all american thank god. The usual wanderings for a restaurant resulted in a good meal, lousy but friendly waiter, bay windows sit on stone shelves, elaborate wood construction almost Art Nouveau.
No canals nearby or much squiggle either; not as old a portion of city I guess. Zonked from 8 hours of total delay on air trip. Tried designing beds for 747 - looks pretty tough but possible
seats hard to get into

Ruth saw a '57 Willy's - this was a definite find for her. A guy tried to buy hash from me. Soup was excellent - plain vegetable - salad really nice veg.

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