JWG (jwg) wrote,

September 24, 1972

from an old journal
Amsterdam 9/24: Sunburn in bed again - people reluctant to get up - a long walk past Sunday closed places until an open unsnobbish place on Damrak. Many people passing by, a pleasant sit. A good walk through the Italian section - good streets some gardens - people who care - lace curtains, stained glass in windows - upper transoms in particular - no italian pastries though. Good kids in the streets - a couple of "mansion" houseboats on the canals. How do you reserve canal space? get the draw bridges up?
Back to center where C&R off and a walk through red-light district. No solicitation - one hash sale attempt. Sex shop windows amusing. That section is really excellent in terms of narrow streets/canals. A rostbeef brooje and an apple that tasted like a pear. Some wooden handled knives, neat cigarette making machines
Vondelpark., Tennis, ducks, kids, bicycles, camping hippies, german Jesus troupe, narrow winding water sheep in meadow, fishing , guitar, speakers with people in a circle listening pond, roads, paths, grass, benches; many users of everything, restaurant, toilets, weeping willow, frisbee.
Stedelijk museum: VanGogh 5 rooms worth - one dark period - not many of the wild crazy stuff. Couldn't find the Klee - a temporary exhibit instead. A few enameled engraved copper or something similar were nice; the rest were bad. A squealing kid 2 years really grooved on a few sculpted animals - good show. -
Dinner near Dam at Hotel deGerstekorrel Excellent food - Hungarian Goolash hanging plant in basket above table picture with a candle holder sticking out; colored lights through those thin plastic rods - changing colors, crumby American music - Tony Bennett, etc.A big dog at the bar.

Cerien walked us about. Paradiso et al. were closed. A lively bar with Beatles tapes gets very crowded at night. Then to a strange place on either Herengracht or Keizersgracht in a cellar - way back - record player with newer rock - dancing - florescent lights - some dope - strange perfume.

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