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a bit of geekery while watching football

We were watching the Seahawks / Redskins game today. At some point there was a view of some buildings next to the stadium in Seattle. I asked rsc if he thought one was the one where susandennis lived that we visited last summer. He said I don't know - but it looked familiar to me and the location seemed correct. A quick check on Switchboard to find the address and then to Google Earth (which finally made it to OSX) - sure enough it matched the image (I had to Tivo back to look at it again).

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whohoo! Had I only known, I wudda waved!! Next Saturday, I will!

Well, since the Patriots lost, we probably won't watch next week. If the game is on Saturday (I don't think it is, actually), we definitely won't watch, since we're going to be otherwise engaged pretty much all afternoon and evening (advanced dance in the afternoon, regular dance in the evening).

And I don't even know if the shot was live.

But just in case, you could wave right at the two-minute warning of the first half.

The game isn't on Saturday? Just when I think I have this playoff thing figure out... oh well... Sunday, two-minute warning, you got it! (And I'll bet it was a live shot.)

And... right you are!! "Seahawks NFC Championship Playoff Game, which will be played on January 22 at 3:30 pm PT at Qwest Field."

Italy on google earth

About Google Earth, this is a collection of beautiful italian places with kmz files:

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