JWG (jwg) wrote,

September 26, 1972

from an old journal
Paris, Tues, 9/26: Sun, croissants, Paris! Bus to Galleries Lafayette - a big department store - tons of stuff, a couple of Kasgai Kilims - 6-700 francs, not bad. Much kitchen gear, clothes, etc. French toys good but not up to par with Danish/Swedish. A pleasant café (3 actually).
And the Metro to la Tour Eiffel. Walked up to 2nd étage - clear view of Paris - white Sacré Coeur, colored awnings, many neat chimneys - ugly new tall modern buildings are wrecking place. Good trees by Trocadero.
A walk down busy streets near hotel (in the 5th), flowers, pastry, raspberries! glass beads! Dinner after a long wait at Restaurant des Beaux Arts - excellent truite almondin another paté and nice red wine.

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