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September 27, 1972

from an old journal
Paris - 9/27: Sun again. St André des Artes & rue de la Huchette. Busy, but not quite as nice as at dusk.
Notre Dame - too many people people inside and too much noise ruin the majesty and impact of the church. A guide explained about the stained glass - illeg rose windows are old and partial restoration. Tower good. Funny french guys with a "western magazine" wanted to know if Boston is like the pictures?
The Conciergie a boring tour, A guide shepherded ~100 people through a few empty rooms and mumbled various explanations. Good vaults - an interesting spiral staircase.
Dinner at rest. des Beaux Arts again. Upstairs with almost no french speaking people and a very upset waitress. She brought wrong order, droppers stuff, yelled at people, and frequently said je deviens fou. All people amused fortunately or else it would have been quite uncomfortable to all to endure.
At N.D. there was a women in trouble. She kept hitting herself and mumbling. A priest came over but she said she didn't want help and then she moved.

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Nitpicker that I am, I couldn't read this without wondering why the waitress didn't say "je deviens folle!" But jwg admits that it's quite possible that he quoted her incorrectly, and for some reason can't remember what she actually said 33+ years ago.

I just have to poke my head in the door and say how much I'm enjoying all of these. Delightful sketches of a bygone era!

I'm glad you like it.

Well, there is a bit more than 2 weeks left and I'm doing one every other day. It's odd that I kept a journal for this trip - I didn't usually do it although I have lots of slides from the old ones.

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