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Sept 30, 1972

from an old journal
Paris - Sat, 30 Sept: Sunny again! Even on a clear day the blue sky is a bit gray. To the laundromat. A nice friendly lady attendant helps you - she explained in great detail how people don't empty their machines carefully and then the next user gets what is left in. [1]

St. Chapelle was as beautiful as last time. The sun pouring through the glass left patches of red and blue all over the tile floor. The downstairs is stately but beginning to wear a lot. Hopefully the admission fees will go towards restoration.

Lunch at a pizza place - several levels - mediocre pizza - not much filling - cheese abundant though. A good walk through LQ again. In a shop while looking at snuff boxes a guy tried to sell me dope! Good shops - out Harvard Square's HSq!

Dinner at Chaufferie - stone - pipe decor looking like slinkies - colored revolving lights - brochettes - boudin = blood sausage.. Les Deux Magots again amidst Paris traffic - street singers - passers by - a very European movie scene. Blasé girl - guy arguing while parking car at corner - she eating peanuts - they finally drove off. Some good jewelry crafts around - nice stone settings - ceramic glazes on brass/silver/gold. Morrocan / Tunisian store good too - fine inlaid, some earrings.

[1] must scan Gintell's Guide chapter 39 which deals with this very matter!

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It's so romantic, all this old stuff! I wish I had journaled when I was younger. Just couldn't get into it, though, for any extended period.

I know! I have some journals from only 10 years ago, but this is making me want to dig them out.

Keep it up, John, we (well, I anyway) love it. It is romantic.

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