JWG (jwg) wrote,

Oct 1, 1972

from an old journal
Paris - Sunday, Oct 1, 1972: Sunny again! Busy market at Buci - brochure passers, but mostly food buyers. A quiet walk by Les Halles to St. Eustache for a long organ / choral mass. Good colors through the stained glass windows. Dramatic organ stuff at end - long sermon in middle - lots of standing etc. but whole thing good - not as overwhelming as ND or Westminster Abbey. Wachet Auf and other Bach + something modern at end! Open markets also around St Eustache.

Parc des Buttes Chaumonte - 100 feet from top to bottom - little lake with cable ferry for .60f per trip - grotto like steps through rocks to top pavilion - concrete - wooden fences falling apart - merry-go-round for kids - grass which only < 5 yr kids can walk on. Swans, ducks - good flowers - strange photographers: a guy getting off boat and girl at top - Passed skating (ice) rink on way back to Metro.

Notre Dame full of people for free organ concert - what a place for organ concert!

Marcel Marceau at the Théatre de Champs Elysées. What a stately place - tip the usher - plush arm chairs for orchestra seats. And Marcel Marceau! A tender of kids, a waiter and customers in a café, a tango dancer, an unsuccessful suicide attempt, a bunch of abstract scenes, a magician / acrobat, a mask maker. It is incredible the way he can bend his body and its parts -- butterfly chaser, tribunal.

Midnight Sunday - clarinet + bongo jazz in Metro station.

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