JWG (jwg) wrote,

Oct 2, 1972

from an old journal
Paris -> Orleans - Mon, Oct 2: Sunny! Through Paris in traffic with the car! What an incredible mess. Departure - got lost many times and as a result missed the autoroute to Chartres. Countryside was beautiful and a welcome change from the bustle of the city.

Chartres was magnificent. Very dark inside with the most beautiful stained glass that I have ever seen. The rose windows were delightful and the sun shining through made gorgeous spots of color. In the bright light it lightened up a little bit but it was still dark, The tower views were... The red tile roofs on the old houses were picturesque. Cathedral really looms over the town and is visible from 5 mi. away even when it is overcast. Outside lace makers sell their works. The town itself was OK but best when viewed from the towers.

Chateaudun was on the Loir (note no e). A nice chateau in the sunset. Strange bugs were prolific. Finally into Orleans for a hotel. Arcaded streets in main shopping area were a bit formal. Muzac with Sousa marches, etc. were going until 9PM and started in the AM again. Perhaps only for a while because of some holiday but pretty awful..
The hotel had 2 bathrooms, one at each end of the stairs. The top one was a combination shower and standup toilet with a spigot and bucket for flushing and it was located at a corner in the stair well. Stairs up to it and then through it and up to the attic! Light goes on only when you lock the door.

Meal, good with do-it-yourself hors d'oeuvres.

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