JWG (jwg) wrote,

Oct 3, 1972

from an old journal
Orleans -> Blois - Tues, 3 Oct: Sunny... Muzak...Cathedral was good - best part was Gothic back. Stained glass only fair - but good splotches of light.

Off by back roads to Chambord - views not quite as good as I expected. In forest of Chambord - a hunting preserve - a dainty place with grass growing between this trees - many long fronded ferns and a general pale yellowish green hue to the place. No game visible though.

Chambord partially surrounded by an empty moat - a reflecting pool (used in photos to make it appear to be on a water body) has dozens of turrets and towers, some of which are probably fake... Fermé le mardi so we didn't go into it. Also not quite as white as the pictures say. Lay down in grassy field in front of it and listened to the buzzing bugs. Horses and caretakers live in Chambord. The horses are for the gendarmes.

Blois with a chateau in the center of town has a long narrow old street. Drain pipes dump out of sides of houses and run under the sidewalk to the edge of the street where the gutter becomes the final drain.

Dinner at the Hotel de la Tour d'Argent - bright florescent lights - TV tube lasting betrayed the excellent food and good service from young boy who clearly liked being a waiter.

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