JWG (jwg) wrote,

Oct 4, 1972

from an old journal
Blois, Chambord, Chenonceau, Loches: Wed, 4 Oct: Sunny! Narrow streets of Blois and on to Chambord. Hunting, boars, furniture of antlers, pheasants, King's beds - short, uniforms, carriages, painting of Louis XIV, weapons, game, photos of hunting and animals, terraces with turrets near by. An age of wealth, waste, opulence et al.

Even the littlest towns have patisserie/boulangerie. A partially toothless lady was cooking lunch and came out to sell me a baguette.

ChenonceauChenonceau! On the Cher - partly a bridge. Well furnished with huge canopied beds (short), tapestries, painting, super fancy renaissance chests of drawers with ivory inlaid carved legs, etc. A portrait of Louis XIV came encased in a frame of elaborately carved eagles, lions, etc. Supposedly a 4 piece frame. Must learn more about Louis XIV (never did!).

Loches - a rather medieval looking place with a chateau. Our hotel was in an old building or several of them with a café, several courtyards, and stone steps going through an archway up to the places where the rooms are.

Super french-type dinner - service - madame and monsieur kept checking that everything was OK - coq au vin, lapin, truite, onion, leek tartes, fish in creme sauce.... Oh, misery during middle of night.

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