JWG (jwg) wrote,

Oct 6, 1972

from an old journal
to Conques - Fri 6 Oct: Sunny. conquesA long drive up hills, down into valleys, past fantastic scenery through little towns, around sharp turns to Conques.

Conques! As beautiful as ever [1]. The hill up to the chapel, the hill up to the town, l'Auberge du Pont Romain, prune tarts, walnuts falling from walnut trees, blackberries sweet and ripe. Friendly people - La madame at the hotel - good food. Soup, ham, salami, cantaloupe, pommes frites, sausage and mushrooms, salad, cheese, grapes, red wine. Cemeteries along the way on hillsides covered with flowers - some have small green houses covering the flowers - a really strange sight. 100 drops of rain.

conques chapel

[1] I was in Conques in Nov 1971, again in 2000 and planning on a return this spring.

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