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The Mozart Forgeries

The Mozart ForgeriesI just finished reading The Mozart Forgeries by Daniel Leeson. rsc had taken it out from the library and I read it. It was lots of fun. It is the story of two anonymous men, Librarian and Forger, who decide to create original manuscripts of Mozart's clarinet concerto and clarinet quintet that are known to be lost and to sell them at auction. It is a fun caper with tons of information about paper making, ink, musical notation style, pens, manuscript expertise, etc. The author did a nice job of research into every aspect of the process (of course I don't know how much is really accurate but it certainly sounded plausible). It was lots of fun and I really enjoyed reading this book.

Now for some lagniappe - the name of this author rang a bell. It was the name of the person who taught an introductory computer programming course that I took at Columbia in 1961 and wrote about recently in this LJ. The bio said he worked at IBM and a bit of googling made it seem pretty certain and this was confirmed via email. He was a very interesting instructor and this course was the catalyst to my career (I told him so in my email).

(As an added connection, this Userpic was taken at my part time job the previous year teaching 7th and 8th grade physics while I was a physics grad student at Columbia.)

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This sounds like an interesting read. I will add it to my list.

It was fun. Not altogether plausible, and not particularly well-written from a stylistic point of view, but definitely entertaining and educational.

I mentioned it on Usenet in the course of a thread that had touched on Mozart scholarship, and the guy I had directed my qustion to replied, "Leeson is a well-known idiot." Bear in mind that this comes from a guy whose frequent mode of expression has earned him the nickname "Davexed".

I don't know whether you caught this post about Murder Duet. It sounds like something that might interest you.


I put in a reservation request at the library for Murder Duet.

I should check that book out.

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