JWG (jwg) wrote,

Oct 10, 1972

from an old journal (more incoherent than usual)
to Arles - Tues, 10 Oct: Cloudy, sun shone through a bit here and there. Gorges d'Arveches quite spectacular - a little deviation over "back" roads - camping spots (with café) lakes with beaches, auto tunnels, natural bridge. Orange - a 100BC Roman amphitheater - they use it now. Interesting place, marble columns, Roman looking structure - 7000 people - adjacent old temple recently discovered - not a Christians/Lions place.

The off to Arles - noisy town - Roman ruins . Van Gogh here for three years but yet no VG museum. A few minutes of rain while we were in restaurant - eating Bouillabaisse -crushed fish soup. Wine not as good here but after the 3rd glass it did taste better! Met German and English travelers in restaurant - good place - hitchhikers & youth hostels - did it on $4.00 / day.

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