JWG (jwg) wrote,

Oct 11, 1972

from an old journal
Arles -> Palma, Majorca: Wed, 11 Oct: Rain - hard. Breakfast with Berndt (Ger.) and Roger (Eng.) and a long talk afterwards. Unemployment, student life, economics, South Africa (Roger lived in SA), Rhodesia, socialism, American anti-communism, WWII destruction of cities by bombings (US, of course), hitchhiking --- all very nice.

Drove off to Marseilles, left Berhardt (Berndt?) at Autoroute and got into Marseilles. Big city. Basilica on top of hill. Tunnel under part of city to old port - not quite like in the movies - the new port goes on and on. There is a shoreline route view of Mediterranean. On way the Aeropuerto(sic) saw flooding, ditches, trucks stuck and practically turned over because of wheel in ditch.

At Palma saw lots of Art Nouveau bay windows, signs, etc. Old city section not bad, lots of stores. At bus station the usual attempts to sell hotels. Walked through busy shopping streets looking for hotels - finally found a 75 peseta/night per room pension.

Friendly guy tried to sell us his room for a couple of days - difficult to understand him - he had room for 1 week but was leaving next day, After finally understanding, the concierge wouldn't let it happen anyway. (Pension Lanja) Pension guy very friendly and explained very carefully - light switches, loud ticking tower - hot water shower, toilet, etc. My room had a little skylight actually clerestory into small opening to sky, Horrible smelling disinfectant used all over the place. Dinner: squid, shrimp cooked like lobster, fried fish also. (Clear and warm at Palma).

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