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Oct 14, 1972

from an old journal
Mallorca -> London, Sat, 14 October: Sunny and warm. Too bad we are on our way back. The usual drag at the airport - plane being late. Arrived London late afternoon.

Friendly Indian outside of Indian restaurant conned us into going there - it was good. A corner bar - couple of young guys with fantastic accents. Later a pub near theaters had a bunch of middle and less aged women who were having a fantastic time and providing entertainment for all - bloke - blimey - just like in the movies. Walked around a while - Piccadilly Circus - Bond Street, etc.

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Not knowing all the ins and outs of Spanish orthography, I thought it was Majorca.

Visited there for a week back in 1969. It was lovely.

The Spanish spell it with the two ll's. (I just checked and that is how it is on my Spanish map).

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