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Guana Island Wildlife

Although there are signs of spring in Cambridge, it looks nothing like this:

In addition to the Flamingos in the Salt Pond there are the a number of Iguanas running wild and occasionally they may be seen - this one was on the terrace next to the dining room one afternoon before lunch.

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I love the BVI, although I have never been to Guana Island i don;t think.

Virgin Gorda may be my favorite place I've been.

Do you scuba dive? If you don't you should! The diving around Tortola is wonderful. Turtles everywhere.

I never scuba dove. rsc did it a long time ago.

Both of us saw a hawkbill turtle while snorkeling at the end of the beach. You can get quite close - they don't seem to mind being observed.

You can see Guana Island from the Beef Island (Tortola) airport.

This brings back memories. Our iguanas tend to be bright green, though.

The "rock iguana" pictured here lives (at least according to the data on the breakfast placemats) on Anegada and Guana only. (And they're only present on Guana because a few individuals were imported from Anegada in 1986.)

The name "Guana", by the way, is short for "Iguana", but I don't know whether the name comes from the fact that iguanas lived there when Europeans named it, or that there is a rock formation on one of its promontories that looks (when viewed rom the south) kind of like an iguana head, or both.

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