JWG (jwg) wrote,

Guana - part 3

Frangipani Guana Island is owned by Henry Jarecki, a man who made a fortune in silver and gold trading and bought this island. Although the price of staying there is high I'm sure it is not profitable. They do no marketing, don't book through agents. It is often far from full (on our last night there were just 10 guests + two little kids). Lizard It is one of his hobbies.

In the fall they host scientist's month where a number of naturalists come and do research. I read a recent report where they have been transplanting Elk horn corral onto the reef as an experiment where they are trying to rejuvenate the dying reef. This year the island is greener than usual and it was the first time we've seen the Frangipani in bloom.

They have spent a lot of effort on infrastructure with good generators, a desalination plant, a new septic system. They also have several full time gardeners and they have restored lots of native flora and fauna. He has built three of his own houses and members of his family stay there a fair amount of the time. While we there his wife, Gloria, and some of their sons and their slightly too many kids were also there. Setting Sun One of his sons is Eugene Jarecki, the film maker who made Why We Fight, another is Andrew Jarecki who is also a film maker.

We got several apologies from Gloria about the crowds and they took us out on the Jarecki yacht, The New Sovereign, for a sunset cruise.

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