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(no subject)

While planning the details of our end of April / beginning of May trip to France I happened to find an amusing translation in instructions for a canoe trip in the Dordogne. (not that we are planning on doing it and I don't think its available outside of the summer anyway.

Important observation : It's obligatory to know swimming. For the minors without parents, you have to pay an official accompanist.

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah, but Official Accompanists don't come cheap.

(Deleted comment)
Now you have me thinking about a long-ago "Shoe" (a now-defunct comic strip) about contributing to the delinquency of A Minor.

Ah. I assumed its demise because (1) it hasn't been in the Globe for quite a while and (2) its originator, Jeff McNelly, has been dead since 2000.

(Deleted comment)
...or by bad pianists, which was the point of the strip in question.

Does the accompanist play while the child drowns?

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