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(no subject)

While planning the details of our end of April / beginning of May trip to France I happened to find an amusing translation in instructions for a canoe trip in the Dordogne. (not that we are planning on doing it and I don't think its available outside of the summer anyway.

Important observation : It's obligatory to know swimming. For the minors without parents, you have to pay an official accompanist.

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah, but Official Accompanists don't come cheap.

Well, it would be tragic if said minor were to have difficulty with the canoe and not have a pleasant piano concerto for soothing background music.

Now you have me thinking about a long-ago "Shoe" (a now-defunct comic strip) about contributing to the delinquency of A Minor.

Ah. I assumed its demise because (1) it hasn't been in the Globe for quite a while and (2) its originator, Jeff McNelly, has been dead since 2000.

Come now, Robert. As a diligent fan of the musical arts, you should know that A Minor is a very young and impressionable key, easily corrupted by hooligans like F# Major.

...or by bad pianists, which was the point of the strip in question.

Does the accompanist play while the child drowns?

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