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From a very old notebook

I found this in a notebook lying around while cleaning up a pile of stuff. It is probably at least 25 years old (No, it hasn't been in the same spot for 25 years!).

I have laryngitis

fried platter
fr fried

hot tea

its better?
b e t t e r

the housing complex people use it

the Lex bus sched didnt use to be in this

this is not
haute cuisine

Julia Child, made some wierd duck roasted partly and then cut up, removed skin and fried it.
sliced off breast slices and then sautéd them
lots of work

she made a meringue cake filled with apricot and butter cream filling

had nuts mixed in so like a
(too coarse) torte
3 layers
butter cream <----- this is one layer

for her birthday - her favorite meal

no dessert!
not no dessert?

no de---!
but you started "arguing" - your usual not enuf time to which I always respond - Plenty of time and force you into submission which you later admit was fine.
thats SM for you

you never tear out pages from a book.
scientific method.

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