JWG (jwg) wrote,

An unplanned event at dance camp

rsc and I just returned from LCFD Dance camp which was just splendid as usual. This was a new location that turned out to be extremely nice and we will return there again next year. We missed a bit of camp because of the following saga:

On Saturday morning at about 6am I had to get up to take a piss. I was in an upper bunk. While finding the ladder I knocked my head against part of the structure. I do have a problem when getting up from a prone position with light-headedness and usually sit and wait a minute before actually getting up. (side effect of BP medication among other things). I don't know if this caused my head knock, but I'm sure it was part of what happened next. While going to the bathroom I noticed my head was bleeding a bit and saw a cut above my eyebrow.

After taking the piss on my way back to the sink to wash my hands I apparently passed out and fell on the floor. I think it was just a moment, and when I started to get up again, I fell again and knocked the back of my head on the hard floor. JohnT was in the room at the time and saw this happen. When he came over to see what was happening I talked to him while being flat on my back, my speech was noticeably (to me as well as him) slurred. Robert came in at about this time and after a minute or two of my lying on the floor insisting I was OK (denial isn't really a cure, I know), my speech cleared up. They wisely insisted that I get checked out. We got dressed and walked up to the dining hall and the cook there called the Camp Director who came up and gave us directions to the hospital.

Robert drove there; the ER was pretty quiet and soon I had a monitor with blood pressure, oxygen, and pulse. Various questionings from the nurses and the doctor led them to plan what to do. They gave me an EKG, took a bunch of blood, and sent me off for a CT Scan. Processing in the ER slowed down a bit because the results of a four car accident arrived. Eventually the doctor returned to explain the results and said they'd release me because they didn't seen any damage from the concussion. He told me what signs to look for if there were any serious problems that merited a return visit.

We returned to dance camp in just about time for lunch. I did very little dancing on Saturday, felt pretty OK except if I bent down with my head low to reach something or tie my shoes. (Because of dance floor maintenance, lots of mud because of the rain, and other such constraints I had to tie shoes a lot of times that day). I did do my Variety Show "thing", dressed up for the Leopard Ball and danced a bit but mostly sat around chatting with people and explaining the whole scar ... episode many times.

A couple of times on Saturday, once when sitting with a cold draft on the back of my head and also when lying on my back I felt some head spinning, but moving to a different position stopped it and the rest of the time I felt OK. Last night I swapped bunks with Robert and thus had a lower bunk and was very careful when I got up. This morning I felt a tiny bit of unsteadiness on my feet when I got up but as soon as drank a bunch of water everything was fine and remained so all day.

Today I danced a lot with no side effects other than I'm a bit tired now but less than after a usual dance camp because of Saturday's happenstance.

Another fluids problem: When we got home I found about 6 inches of water in the basement because the sump pump hadn't started. I waded through the water (slightly higher than the waterproof part of my boots) got the sump started as well as an auxiliary pump and most of the water is now gone.
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