JWG (jwg) wrote,

50th High School Reunions

Next weekend I am going to NYC for my two 50th High School Reunions. Why 2?

I graduated from Fieldston School in 1956 so that is the first and that reunion is at Fieldston on Sat, Jun 2. Prior to Fieldston I went to the Dalton School. At that time the High School was girls only and the boys had to go elsewhere (ergo Fieldston). So I had my 8th grade graduation in 1952, but the girls who stayed on graduated from HS in 1956. That reunion is on Friday.

It'll be fun to see the old building at Dalton (on 89th st between Park and Lex). Dalton has expanded so that the lower school is in a different building, they built an additional floor on the top of the building and coverted the basement pool into something else. We used to go to Central Park or Randall's island for sports and also to a gym on 54th st. The Fieldston campus has expanded with several new buildings (library and gym among others).

I've been out of touch with practically everyone. I don't remember ever going to any reunions bu† I know I did visit Dalton at time and also I taught 7th and 8th grade science there in 1960-61 while I was attempting to be a Physics grad student at Colombia. (the LJ icon is from then). I know that several of my good friends from Dalton are dead and I note that several of my other friends have been missing for a while. It should be interesting. I also get to meet Pen Pal, a current 4th grader named Alex.

I'm on the bottom left of this picture:

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