JWG (jwg) wrote,

I'm in NYC for tomorrow and Saturday's HS reunions. Tonight I went to see Altar Boyz. I was looking for an offbeat off-broadway musical and this looked odd enough for me and one that rsc would probably never go to. Nothing like a fake christian boy band trying to save the souls of the entire audience. It was fun, somewhat juvenile, dull but spirited music and good movement/dancing; it was pretty well done I thought. I was not a typical audience member. At the end of the show they threw some stuff in the audience and a Yarmulka landed in my lap and i put it on. It is autographed by the five of them - Matthew, Mark, Luke, Jean, and Abraham (who somehow or other became an Alter Boy too.

Before the show I ate dinner at a nice italian trattoria whose name I don't know on 9th av and 47th st (NW corner) near the theatre. (the charge slip has an unrecognizable name on it) I had among other things a very delicious Ravioli con verdura that had a carrot flavored cream sauce and the ravioli was stuffed with asparagus as well as some other veggies. Grilled calimari for first course and a chocolate torte for dessert. It had a typical NY italian restaurant appearance - three rows of tables pretty close together, bustling cute waiters, mirrors on the wall and above them were painted window scenes of places in Italy.
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