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This morning's visit to Dalton and some nostalgia

This morning I went to Dalton to get a tour, meet some of my classmates and meet my PenPal, Alex.

Dalton is much bigger than it was in my days - 2 new floors on the top, lowest school in another building, and gyms in yet another building. But the essence is about the same. Interestingly the middle school and the high school share some of the same teachers and studios - we toured the 12th floor arts section (used to be the roof) and it was quite something.

I met up with a few classmates. I remembered that Billy Stein was a RedSox fan and he still is! (I was a Yankee fan at the time). More later today when I return for the rest of the reunion and meet up with more classmates.

We had a joint class with some 4th graders - each talking a bit about ourselves and then after that I talked to Alex, a very nice personable fourth grader, who like me likes science and math. The kids all like the school and the common complaint from the fourth graders was that there were too many stairs to walk up (there are restrictions on elevator use) and they wished for escalators. Of the 30 or so kids there only 2 were slightly obese (this is different from the normal 10 year olds) so maybe the stairs are a good thing.

After this I wandered around to old haunts - I visited the lobbies of the three buildings where I lived, checked out the old neighborhoods, and then went to the 73rd st sailboat pond in Central Park where I used to sail my little boat (NOT piloted by Stuart Little - it's his pond), and saw the boat house where some of the enthusiasts keep their boats. It was built in 1954 and I sailed there just before that. There was no wind today so no sailors; I did talk to a guy who was piloting his radio controlled tug.

Then I went to the Central Park Zoo - it's quite different and the mammals are somewhere else but I did get to see the Sea Lion Feeding and the Penquin feeding.

Then a quick trip to the new Apple Store on 5th Av and 59th.

Some pictures later - I forgot my camera to USB cable but might get another one later.

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I still have nightmares of my elementary school: Immaculate Conception. I can't image ever attending a reunion there.

Although I do miss the old astray I stole from the lunchroom and broke years later. It had embossed on the bottom: "Immaculate Conception Mother's Club."

I had a pretty bad time in high school, and I do go to reunions when I can (very healing). But the best thing was that when I had money, I donated enough to them that they now have a plaque honoring my dog Wiener. So there.

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