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The Dalton reunion

At the reunion event itself after getting my badge and meeting up with some of the people I'd seen in the morning to chat we went into the Auditorium. It appeared to be much smaller than I'd remembered. There were various speeches honoring a couple of retiring teachers, the election of alumni representatives, presentation of class gifts, etc.

They showed an interesting video about the School Song that was made a couple of years ago with teachers and little kids articulating what it meant to them - it was well done and professionally made.
We go forth unafraid,
Strong with love and strong with learning,
New worlds will be made,
Where we set our beacons burning

For each child,
Great and small
Is friendly with man and beast,
and world that hold them all.

We sing to you; this is our praise,
Flung like a banner over Dalton days,
This is the school we have worked in and made.
Here we have learned to go forth unafraid.

We sang it at the end along with the alumni chorus. I actually remember the words to the first two verses, (I hope I'm not supposed to remember the Fieldston song tonight.)

While there I recognized a name from the class of 1966. A bit of arithmetic made me realize these were the 7th graders I taught science to for one year, During the dinner part with my class I went upstairs to their reunion room to say hello. Oh, Mr Gintell, they said - and one told me that I'd spoiled his hopes when I taught them that there couldn't be a perpetual motion machine. I got invited to their lunch picnic (indoors because of the rain) and I will stop by there for a bit before I go up to Fieldston.

At our dinner I talked to various classmates, None of my closest friends (boys) were there - I'll try to get in touch with a couple of them whose email addresses I have. Some of these people have stayed in touch which isn't true for me. None of our teachers showed up - some are still alive - I do know that my geography teacher is alive and well at the age of 95.
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