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My seventh grade students

At noon today, I went to the party put on by one of my seventh grade students. She lives in an apartment building on 5th avenue that has an elevator on each side of the building and on each floor there is just one apartment. I only saw a few rooms; I'm sure it has many and is a gorgeous place overlooking Central Park.

It was fun. I spent quite some time talking to one of my best students. He is a cardiologist who works part time into mostly holistic cardiology (diet, exercise) instead of just procedures and medications trying to teach his patients that there is a lot they can do to improve their lives and life expectancy. He is also a volunteer math tutor of kids, and does other such broad spectrum things. It was quite interesting talking to some of these now grownups that I knew only vaguely. As someone who lives in Michigan he was interested to hear about my experiences as a gay man and getting married etc, saying that he has essentially no exposure to that out there.

The real super science/math whiz wasn't there today although I talked to him the previous night. He also is a medical doctor of some form.

The hostess told a great story about how she met her husband. She had been recently divorced from a bad marriage and organized a trip to Switzerland with 3 of her old classmates. On the plane one of them asked her if she was ready to date and she said oh I think so. Then she was asked - how about that cute guy over there. Later on they all started talking to him; he helped them with some baggage and they went touring together (he was staying in the next town) and met up again the next day.....

Then it was time to go to the next reunion. I went off by bus to the 8th avenue subway; taking the C and then the A train to 207th street and the Bx7 bus to a couple of blocks from Fieldston just like I used to 50 years ago (actually in my last year I mostly drove by 1940 chevy to school).
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