JWG (jwg) wrote,

My 50th Fieldston Reunion

This was my first reunion there. I wandered the campus a bit when I arrived, taking a few pictures. One big change is that the 4th side of the Quadrangle has a building on it (the new library) where our class later had its dinner. There is a lot of new construction in progress at the moment; the overall campus looked pretty much just like it did when I was there.

I met up with a bunch of my classmates in the auditorium while awaiting for the event to start. Quite a few of us were there. I recognized some (I'm not too good at this) but since we were all wearing name badges with our HS yearbook pictures in them (I don't have this as an icon yet) it helped. It was fun talking to some of these people who I hadn't seen in 50 years. I talked a lot to PY, the one other person from there who went to MIT and was my freshman roommate. Other than that, aside from someone who we run into at concerts in Boston, there is no-one there I've seen for 50 years.

After a few speeches we went up to the library building for our dinner. Most of the other classes were placed in the gym or the dining room (originally supposed to be in a tent but because of the raining weather they were relocated). There were close to 40 of us there with a few spouses. Our class had 92 people in it - surprising to many of us that 11 of them are deceased - seems to be a high percentage for 67-68 yr. olds, but maybe not.

We milled around for quite a while chatting with each other, telling various stories and sharing various things about ourselves. It is fun being out to people that knew me in a completely different context and I got lots of congrats for being married.

Some of the organizers had contacted some of those not present and read brief messages during the formal part of the dinner (the widow of one had sent in a long letter which was read). Various people got up and talked (mostly a bit too much). At one point someone said it is interesting that three of us had married Fieldston alums from other classes. I corrected him to point out it was four since my husband was an alum. He apologized afterwards saying that my status was so new to him that he hadn't processed it yet.

One teacher, Señor Merlo, was there. I didn't take Spanish so I never had him but I chatted with him a bit. It turns out he had been a good friend of the late René Spodheim - my and rsc's French teacher. She was a much feared and great teacher.

It was lots of fun and I'm very glad I went. I'm a bit sorry I didn't go to some others. Someone is going to try to get the contact lists more public and suggests that we can start communicating more with each other. I got a ride back to Manhattan from PY so it was nice continuing to talk to him and I'll be following up via email.
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