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from Concord "Australia"

This postcard arrived today from unzeugmatic as he visited the Ralph Waldo Emerson house mysteriously relocated to Australia where Kangaroos and Koalas abound.

Emerson House

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Alas, all I can see is a red X

try again, I fixed the URL which strangely enough was OK for me.

You've got an extra whack in your URL...


He's just nuts. Ya gotta love it. I had no idea that Rod Laver even knew Ralph. Did Ralph play tennis?

Interesting that Safari on my Mac didn't mind the extra /

Well there is Roy Emerson, an Australian Tennis player.

How odd! There must be some sort of parallel universe Down Under. I see before me a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge (aka That Other Bridge) also transplanted to Australia with kangaroos boxing on the beach.

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