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Smart Car

I see that DaimlerChrysler is going to introduce the Smart Car in the US in 2008.

Not exactly a SUV; it is almost short enough to park at 90 degrees to the curb...

Smart Car

While we were in Italy last year the car we rented was a Smart, but it was the bigger 4 door version. Here is our car parked in Saint Gimignano:

Smart Car for 4

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What is it that has kept this car off the American streets for so long? Why has that changed?

I think over the past few years the big thrust on new cars has been on SUVs and high style (meaning ugly) and some of the pseudo retro types and thus cars that can have high prices. And I think there's the general fear that small means dangerous - even though some of the worst cars are SUVs which roll over.

Those cars are almost big by European standards!

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