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Does anyone want more bread?

Arlo and Janis Jul 14
Arlo and Janis - July 14, 2006

In our household the question Does anyone want more bread? when asked by me has one of two meanings.

In Cambridge it means: I want another piece of toast and while cutting it do you want one because I'll make it too. This interpretation is because in that kitchen I can reach the bread board, the loaves of bread, and the toaster oven from my seat.

In Gloucester it means: I want another piece of toast so please make me one and if you'd like one too, cut another slice. This is because the bread board is on rsc's side and the toaster oven is nearer him (he has to get up).

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That's totally something we would do.

I was talking to homorphus just yesterday about the glimpses into a 25+ year relationship that one can get by watching you two.

Glimpse? Glimpse? Try searchlight.

You're in LA now. "Klieg light."

Now I want a piece of toast.

Do you want a piece of toast?

I love studying regional dialects!

Ah, that's the best comment I've seen in a long time.

And the icon works beautifully with it.

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