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Cool catalog - need a ForkLift?

I really like getting catalogs of tools and other such stuff. The other day I got a really cool catalog in the mail from Northern Tool. Where else could you get a fork lift truck for a mere $15,299 that looks like this: ForkLift Truck, a deluxe electronic repeller for marine birds that covers up to 6 acres (Don't use where loud noise is a problem they warn) for $399.99, or a Solar Moler that emits a vibrating sound underground every 30 seconds?

How about a Sausage stuffer for $26.99Sausage Stuffer or a Hoist kit that turns your Pickup into a Dump truck?

For Security you can get Duct tape, but will have to get the plastic sheet somewhere else, and you can get a sandblasting hood that might be useful to protect yourself against errant gusts of contaminants and a pressure washer to clean up afterwards.

These places all sell their name lists so this should generate getting some other catalogs too. Funny how I don't like e-spam, but some of the paper stuff is good. Of course I get Mac and Micro/PC Warehouse, Connection, Mall, and Zone about every three weeks so it does get a bit overdone. I know the mailman was very happy when I increased the size of my mail slot so the load can be dumped in one swell foop instead of a piece at a time with extra folding to make it fit.

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Send me the info on the "solar moler" as we've got them and don't want them.

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