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New product

fj has only been at Disney for three months and already his new product is out!

disney phone

Adam@Home July 26, 2006

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JOHN!!! FJ! was very clear that he couldn't talk about his work and here you are advertising!!! He's going to get his Ears pierced for this, I just know it. Sigh.

Advertising is okay once it's released, else nobody'd know to buy it. This is obviously post-release advertising, since it's not labeled as PROTOTYPE or INTERNAL USE ONLY or CONFIDENTIAL.

Good point. I've just spent too many years in the culture of mega corporations. I live in dread fear of breaking product announcement rules. Thanks for talking me down.

Any time. Remember, once the press release is Google-able and has today or tomorrow's date on it, it can safely assumed to be public. :)

Google-able or cartoon-able, apparently...

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