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How about one of these?

I have this carton from the May 1, 2006 New Yorker on our dryer. What a great idea.
washer, dryer, folder

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I want the fourth one, too, the putter-away-er.

Me too. BB is always upset with me, because while he'll fold no problem, I never put away.

Yes, please... I am the one who does *all* the laundry in our house these days. *sigh*

(Deleted comment)
socks - or are you sufficiently wise that all your socks are identical so they don't have to be paired?

I once had some socks that had snappers on them so you could snap them together. This meant that there was a left sock and a right sock!

(Deleted comment)
I wish I could manage either of those; girl clothes are harder to do that with.

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