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Motss.con XIX: Early Attendees

Some of arrived early on Wednesday afternoon and we went over to unzeugmatic's apartment for takeout Chinese. Some of us sat around on his porch for a while.

His place is in a craftsman style house with Mission style and similar furniture. Steven is a collector of interesting stuff: mid-century clocks, books of all kinds, Fiestaware (on which we ate the Chinese takeout), glassware, and many other things.

And in the kitchen there was a bit of impromptu shapenote singing. Click to see/hear a bit.
Click to see/hear more.

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I'm noticing the usual suspects, but who's the redhead in the picture on the porch?

Thanks. I was betting on a response along the lines of "well if you had shown up, you might know".

Well, if you had, you might have done him.

I mean, really!

maybe next time...

Doesn't he look kinda like he could be Robert's son?

I know them both and you are now hurting my head.

He's much taller than I am.

FWIW, I'm taller than each of my parents.

The redhead in the picture (Chris) used to be Bob Donahue's neighbor in Somerville. He lives near me in Minneapolis now and is a friend of mine. I conscripted him to help a little at the gathering, and he was also interested in seeing Robert and John again (whose parties he used to attend).

The Kirby in question is one of my acolytes at the Minneapolis Eagle who I invited over because I thought he'd enjoy the evening and I knew that Ken R. would enjoy him.

Actually, it was a really wonderful evening and I think John's pictures show that a little. Or I hope they do.

The singing in the clip is really painful, I know -- but we realized that at the time and tried to tune up. As Jim notes, some things shouldn't be immortalized. We're singing "Seaman's Hymn" there, and trying to figure out our parts as well go along.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

That's my neighbor and landlord Stephen Parker singing with us. Twenty years ago or so he was engaged to Denise.

Ignoring the soundtrack, though, it's a great great picture of us in the kitchen. Thanks.

I like the singing. It makes me think of people in villages, years ago, who knew not a whole lot but wanted to generate some righteous noise. The whole business of "quality" in singing is a giant question for me. My point is, you should have done it, you should have recorded it, and I'm glad you did. It's neato.

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