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Motss.con XIX: At the Mall of America

On friday, some of at the motss.con traversed by light rail or car to the Mall of America for a dose of schlock. And we got it. I'm not much of a consumer and don't particularly like shopping so rarely go to Malls (unless one considers places such as amazon.com as a Mall) and can't take them very seriously. This one was quite the show and well worth the trip. rsc is considerably less enthusiastic!

No-one rode on the roller coaster, a few souvenirs were bought, we didn't go to underwaterland (or whatever it was called). We had a nice lunch at a Minnesota-style restaurant which wasn't quite up to the standard of La Belle Vie of the previous night. I had a Walleye sandwich.

At LegoLand

and another bird

And of course a photo-op at Beauty by Chris.Beauty by Chris

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This report and these pictures make John and me nostalgic for Minneapolis. We have, in addition to our LJ friends there, two dear, dear friends whom we haven't seen in a long time. Sigh! We did visit the "Mall of Hysteria" once and we went on the roller coaster. (Whee.) It was nice to be able to say we'd been there. (We've also been to the West Edmonton Mall; we rode the coaster there too.)

I had a Walleye sandwich.

In the unlikely event that anyone is wondering, this is not a reference to the Red Sox mascot.

OK, this is a serious mall.

I love all your pictures, you know. Though we should have been three in front of that booth...

[c-i-brix here]

I did my best to represent the London residents of the Chris x 3, as well as my own self.

There was another Chris, of course -- the owner/operator of the booth, who tried to get me to buy some of her gooke-de-femme. Fortunately, I had to keep up with the rest of the gang and had an excuse.

but it would have been MUCH better with you and mr-the-heffalump there as well.

- - Chris-in-minnesota-at-that-point

(That legoland picture is intriguing b/c you think you're seeing pixelization when in fact you aren't.)

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