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Motss.con XIX: Minneapolis Reflections

building reflectionMinneapolis has lots of tall buildings with glass walls that reflect surrounding buildings. I'm not a fan of most modern architecture sky scrapers and am not the least bit enamored by these glass walls, but the reflections make them interesting. The nice clear weather helped.

This one creates what looks like a Frank Gehry building. There is a real one which we didn't get to see; alas.
building reflection

Minneapolis is the site of the first dam on the Mississippi River.
Mississippi River

Mississippi River Heron

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Great pictures! (What camera do you use?) Love the egret!

I have a Pansonic DMC-FZ7. It has a !2x telephoto lens which was one of the reasons I chose it. It was a new model earlier this year. I did a bit of tuning on some of the pictures with Photoshop Elements. I have a mixed bag of Photoshop and iPhoto processing.

oooh, those are great!

i noticed all the reflected buildings too--i need to download my pics and see how they turned out.

i need to download my pics and see how they turned out

yes, you do!

I'm very glad to see john's - I knew mine wasn't the only camera operating there!

Do I get points for naming the buildings?

The one on the left is the Federal Reserve, and the one on the right is the Lutheran Brotherhood building.

Also, it's not a dam, but St Anthony Falls. The riverbed is composed of limestone, and sandstone, and the waterfall was eroding the stone pretty quickly. Sometime in the late 1800s they laid a concrete apron over the falls to prevent it from moving up river. At the time the mills were using the power of the falls to power their machinery.

Nowadays its used to generate electricity.

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