JWG (jwg) wrote,

Motss.con XIX: Some group activities

We went for a Picnic at Nicollet Island. To prepare for the German dinner at Gasthof zur Gemütlichkeit many of us went to get sandwiches at a Polish deli. Here we see some of us sitting on the hill overlooking the river. You'll see that there we were being looked at also.

Later we went off to a Segway tour along the river. Before the tour we had individual training sessions and then saw an exciting film that showed what happens if you do inadvisable things like going down staircases. I left my camera behind so didn't capture any movies of us (one handed Segwaying is discouraged!).

Click for training wheels demo

On Friday some of us went to hang around in our room and to use the terrace that it opened onto. There was an event on the terrace so we stayed indoors. Somehow or other, but to no surprise, a Panda appeared amidst the rest of us.

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