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A computer bug

A new example of a bug in a computer. This guy (seen below the h in my name) was under the glass screen as I discovered when I tried to kill it. Sorry this picture isn't better focussed, but he was moving around quite rapidly and is quite small. He's gone now.


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(Deleted comment)

yes, like grace hopper's

isn't that the origin of the word "bug" -- I vaguely recall that Grace Hopper found the first computer bug (can't remember whether it was alive or dead) crawling around the wires of some massive computer setup, some many decades ago.

Re: yes, like grace hopper's

I forgot about that origin. The wikopedia entry for her says:

"While she was working on a Mark II computer at Harvard University, her associates discovered a moth stuck in a relay and thereby impeding operation, whereupon she remarked that they were "debugging" the system. Though the term computer bug cannot be definitively attributed to Admiral Hopper, she did bring the term into popularity. The remains of the moth can be found in the group's log book at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.."

And there is a picture:

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